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Tuesday, 13 October 2020



Τhe integrity of the ship's steel construction through proper maintenance is a key factor in the safe transportation of cargo on a worldwide scale. According to the TMSA 3 guidelines, shipowners are encouraged by major oil producers to develop methodologies for ballast tanks inspections using various risk criteria.

Nonetheless, the minimum inspection frequency cannot be less than that imposed by international standards. The aim of this work is to describe a ballast tank-inspection model based on a range of identified risk factors.

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Saturday, 10 October 2020



INTERYARDS is proud of having an extensive list of successfully contracted dry-dockings that spans across all type of vessels. We start our leading marathon with a long list of shipyards we are exclusively representing, as listed below, covering SINGAPORE, SPAIN, MEXICO, BRAZIL areas.  



Friday, 9 October 2020

Daka Sealing Systems

Our company established in 1984, operates and specializes in the field of sealing systems and applications. We have been cooperating with the biggest and most recognized manufactures worldwide especially in Europe and Asia. Our company provides a very large stock in HYDRAULICS SEALS, MECHANICAL SEALS, O-RINGS, SEAT RINGS, OIL SEALS and more. All of our spare parts we can supply to you are high quality replacement spare parts in very competitive prices.   View Link

Infomarine Shipping Directory Worldwide


Infomarine Shipping Directory Worldwide


Infomarine On-line Maritime Directory was founded by marine professionals in 1999 with the sole purpose of acting as a worldwide internet virtual portal, exclusively for the marine industry. Aims to provide a wide range of links to worldwide marine compan ...





WORKS P.A. VALSAMAKIS provides services to Maritime Rewind High Voltage motors & generators, New building projects, the installation of all Electric equipment on board including Bridge, Engine room, Steering, Deck Equipment, Lighting fixtures ets. Tro ...

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Istion Yachting

Istion yachting was founded by Ioannis Kourounis in 1992. Our main charter bases are in Athens and the islands of Kos in the Dodecanese and Lefkada (Lefkas) in the Ionian. With our experience and network, we are happy to provide bareboat, skippered and fully crewed yacht charters anywhere in Greece. Read More

Sunday, 4 February 2018


OCEANDYNAMIC is a company, with the primary aim of providing High Standard Services and Products to the Greek Shipping Community. The Company was established in 1997 at Piraeus (Greece) and is supported by Professionals such as Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Refrigerating Engineers, Marine Electronics and Automation Engineers, etc.,   More Info

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Bellows Hellas

We manufacture and supply exhaust bellows for exhaust and auxillary pipelines of lubricating oil and cooling water for a number of reputed Diesel engines like Wartsila, Komatsu, Skoda, Zygoda, Caterpillar, Fuji,Yanmar, Daihatsu, Man etc.
Impellers for Inert Gas Systems blowers
We manufacture any kind of impeller for any kind of blower as per sample or drawing. The fan impellers are dynamically balanced and manufactured in corrosion resistant material.  View Link

FARAD SA Manufactures Heat Exchangers Greece

Based in Piraeus, we have been designing and manufacturing high quality marine Heat Exchangers, since 1979. Using the highest standards for our staff, our associates and our raw material suppliers, while employing a state of the art technology and knowhow, we are proud to say that we can meet technical challenges beyond imagination.  View Link

Boiler Marine - Repairs & Offshore

Our Company was founded in 1970 under the name LEVITOTECHNIKI and was renamed to B.M.&.O.R. in 1999. We are specializing in the field of prefabrications and installations using components and parts of the highest standards and quality.  We can also perform seagoing marine repairs on steam boilers. Workshop specialized in fabrication and manipulation of tubes for Main steam boilers, steam generators, heat exchangers, auxiliary boilers, gas boilers, etc. View Link